Asus L Laptop Batteries, Chargers and Adapters

Rechargeable Laptop Batteries, Mains AC Adapters, DC Car & Aircraft Power Adapters and more...

Asus Laptops


Original Part Numbers

L5 L50 L50VN L201NA L201NAS L203MA L203MAH L203NA L203NAH L210KA L210MA L402BA L402BP L402MA L402NA L402SA L402WA L402YA L403NA L403SA L406MA L406NA L406SA L410KA L410MA L502MA L502NA L502SA L510KA L510MA L551LA L551LB L551LN LAMBORGHINI VX2
07G016CQ1875 07G016DH1875 07G016DH1875M 07G016H31875 07G016HH1875 07G016HH1875M 07G016HK1875 07G016HL1875 07G016J11875 07G016JE1875 0A001-00022900 0A001-00040700 0A001-00043100 0A001-00044600 0A001-00045900 0A001-00046500 0A001-00048600 0A001-00049700 0A001-00230300 0A001-00230400 0A001-00232500 0A001-00233800 0A001-00234800 0A001-00235000 0A001-00235800 0A001-00236400 0A001-00237800 0A001-00238700 0A001-00330100 0A001-00340100 0A001-00340200 0A001-00340400 0A001-00340500 0A001-00342000 0A001-00342300 0A001-00342600 0A001-00343500 0A001-00343800 0A001-00344300 0A001-00344500 0A001-00344800 0A001-00347600 0A001-00348200 0A001-00349000 0A001-00420400 0A001-00441700 0A001-00442300 0A001-00442900 0A001-00445400 0A001-00446300 0A001-00447800 0A001-00448600 0A001-00449200 0A001-00691100 0A001-00691800 0A001-00692500 0A001-00692800 0A001-00693600 0A001-00694300 0A001-00695600 0A001-00696500 0A001-00773000 0A001-00895200 0A001-01100700 0A001-01102300 0B110-00050700 0B110-00050900 0B110-00060000 0B110-00070000 0B110-00200000 0B110-00220000 0B110-00220100 0B110-00220200 0B110-00220300 0B110-00230100 0B110-00230400 0B110-00240000 0B110-00240100 0B110-00240100E 0B110-00250000 0B110-00250100 0B110-00260000 0B110-00260100 0B110-00260200 0B110-00290000 0B110-00290100 0B110-00340000 0B110-00360000 0B110-00360100 0B110-00390100 0B110-00390200 0B110-00390300 0B110-00440000 0B110-00470000 0B110-00470100 0B20-00KC0AS 0B200-00070000 0B200-00230000 0B200-00450100 0B200-00540000 0B200-00720000 0B200-00840000 0B200-01000000 0B200-01000100 0B200-01000200 0B200-01000500 0B200-01000700 0B200-01001000 0B200-01200000 0B200-01200100 0B200-01200200 0B200-01200400 0B200-01750000 0B200-02560000 0B200-02940000 0B200-03020000 0B200-03190800 15G10N373800 15G10N3792T0 15G10N3792YO 2ICP4/63/134 3ICP7/65/80 4INR18/65 4INR18/65-2 70-N0U1B1000Z 70-NFU1B1000Z 70-NFU1B1100Z 70-NFU1B1300Z 70-NLF1B2000Y 70-NLF1B2300Z 70-NSQ1B1100PZ 70-NSQ1B1100Z 70-NSQ1B1200PZ 70-NSQ1B1200Z 70-NU51B1000Z 70-NU51B2100PZ 70-NU51B2100Z 70-NX01B1000Z 70-NXH1B1000Z 70-NY81B1000Z 70-NZA5B1000Z 70-NZY1B1000Z 70-NZYB1000Z 90-NED1B2100Y 90-NFU1B1000Y 90-NVD1B1000Y 90-NY81B1000Y 90-OA001B9000 90-OA001B9100 90-XB0ROABT00010Q 90-XB16OABT00100Q 90-XB2COABT00100Q 90-XB3NN0PW00010Y 90R-NTC2B1000Y A31-1025 A31-K53 A31-K56 A31-N56 A31-UL30 A31-UL50 A31-UL80 A31-X101 A31N1302 A31N1311 A31N1319 A31N1519 A31N1601 A31N302 A32-1025 A32-F52 A32-F70 A32-F82 A32-K53 A32-K55 A32-K56 A32-K72 A32-K93 A32-M50 A32-M70 A32-N55 A32-N56 A32-N61 A32-N71 A32-U46 A32-UL30 A32-UL50 A32-UL80 A32-X101 A33-K55 A33-M50 A41-K53 A41-K55 A41-K56 A41-K93 A41-M70 A41-U46 A41-UL30 A41-UL50 A41-UL80 A41-X550 A41-X550E A41LK9H A41LP4Q A41N1308 A41N1424 A41N1501 A41N1611 A42-G53 A42-G73 A42-G74 A42-G75 A42-G750 A42-K53 A42-K56 A42-K93 A42-M70 A42-U46 A42-UL30 A42-UL50 A42-UL80 A42N1403 A43-G73 AD883020 AD883220 AD890326 AD891M21 ADP-45AW ADP-45AWAC.C:D ADP-45BW ADP-65GD B ADP-65GD D AL31-1005 AL32-1005 B-5058 B-5062 B21N1329 B31N1429 C12N1320 C21-X202 C21N1347 C21N1509 C21N15WZ C22-B400A C23-UX32 C41N1731 C41N1805 EXA1206CH G73-52 ICR18650 ICR18650-22F ICR18650-26F ICR18650-28A K72JR-1A K73E-TY210V L0690L6 L0690LC L082036 L41LK2H LAS229 LC42SD128 LCB472 LCB517 LCB524 LCB525 LCB526 LCB534 LCB567 LCB634 LCB646 LCB652 LKCCB2415 ML31-1005 N45W-01 PA-1650-30 PA-1650-67 PA-1650-78 PL32-1005 S31-S551
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