IBM Laptop Batteries, Chargers and Adapters

Rechargeable Laptop Batteries, Mains AC Adapters, DC Car & Aircraft Power Adapters and more...

IBM Laptops


Original Part Numbers

00HW002 02K6651 02K6652 02K6653 02K6678 02K6679 02K6710 02K6712 02K6758 02K6759 02K6760 02K6761 02K6838 02K6839 02K6845 02K6846 02K6850 02K6852 02K6854 02K7039 02K7040 02K7042 02K8024 08K8024 08K8035 08K8036 08K8039 08K8040 08K8044 08K8045 08K8048 08K8049 08K8124 08K8192 08K8193 08K8194 08K8195 08K8196 08K8197 08K8198 08K8199 08K8201 08K8214 40Y6797 40Y6799 41N5666 41U3196 42T4511 42T4513 42T4621 42T4688 42T4795 42T5225 42T5227 42T5228 42T5229 42T5244 43R9253 43R9254 43R9255 92P1011 92P1013 92P1060 92P1061 92P1071 92P1075 92P1076 92P1077 92P1087 92P1089 92P1091 92P1094 92P1096 92P1097 92P1101 92P1102 92P1127 92P1128 92P1129 92P1130 92P1131 92P1132 92P1133 92P1137 92P1138 92P1139 92P1140 92P1141 92P1142 93P5002 B-5605 B-5605H B-5685 B-5689 B-5793 LCB144 LCB145 LCB281 LCB382
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