Packard Bell Laptop Batteries, Chargers and Adapters

Rechargeable Laptop Batteries, Mains AC Adapters, DC Car & Aircraft Power Adapters and more...

Packard Bell Laptops


Original Part Numbers

Dot SR Easy Note E3228 EasyNote A8 EasyNote A5340 EasyNote A7145 EasyNote A7178 EasyNote A7718 EasyNote A7720 EasyNote A8202 EasyNote A8501 EasyNote A8550 EasyNote A8622 EasyNote A8721 EasyNote BG35 EasyNote BG35-U300 EasyNote BG45 EasyNote BG46 EasyNote BG46-P004 EasyNote BG47 EasyNote BG48 EasyNote BU45 EasyNote BU45-O-002 EasyNote BU45-P-073 EasyNote BU45-U-045 EasyNote D640 EasyNote Dot PT-01 EasyNote DT85 EasyNote E EasyNote E1 EasyNote E3 EasyNote E4 EasyNote E5 EasyNote E1245 EasyNote E1260 EasyNote E1280 EasyNote E2315 EasyNote E3215 EasyNote E3225 EasyNote E3226 EasyNote E3227 EasyNote E3228 EasyNote E3242 EasyNote E3244 EasyNote E3245 EasyNote E3246 EasyNote E3247 EasyNote E3248 EasyNote E3250 EasyNote E3255 EasyNote E3256 EasyNote E3258 EasyNote E3265 EasyNote E3266 EasyNote E3269 EasyNote E3620 EasyNote E4710 EasyNote E4715 EasyNote E5138 EasyNote E5141 EasyNote E5142 EasyNote E5145 EasyNote E5146 EasyNote E5147 EasyNote E5151 EasyNote E5155 EasyNote E5412 EasyNote E6100 EasyNote E6300 EasyNote E6307 EasyNote E6310 EasyNote F123 EasyNote F124 EasyNote J2 EasyNote L71 EasyNote LJ61 EasyNote LJ63 EasyNote LJ65 EasyNote LJ67 EasyNote LJ71 EasyNote LJ73 EasyNote LJ75 EasyNote LJ77 EasyNote LM81 EasyNote LM82 EasyNote LM83 EasyNote LM86 EasyNote LM87 EasyNote LM94 EasyNote LM98 EasyNote LX86 EasyNote M5-481TG EasyNote MH35 EasyNote MH36 EasyNote MH45 EasyNote MH85 EasyNote MH88 EasyNote ML61 EasyNote ML65 EasyNote MS2290 EasyNote MT85 EasyNote MX36 EasyNote MX37 EasyNote MX45 EasyNote MX52 EasyNote NM85 EasyNote NM86 EasyNote NM87 EasyNote NM98 EasyNote NX86 EasyNote R3330 EasyNote R9260 EasyNote RS65 EasyNote RS66 EasyNote SB87 EasyNote SJ51 EasyNote SJ51-B081 EasyNote SJ81 EasyNote SL35 EasyNote SL45 EasyNote SL51 EasyNote SL65 EasyNote SL81 EasyNote ST85 EasyNote ST86 EasyNote SW51-201 EasyNote TE11 EasyNote TE69KB-1143NL EasyNote TF71-BM EasyNote TG71-BM EasyNote TG81-BA EasyNote TG83-BA EasyNote TH36 EasyNote TJ61 EasyNote TJ61-SB-005BE EasyNote TJ62 EasyNote TJ63 EasyNote TJ64 EasyNote TJ65 EasyNote TJ66 EasyNote TJ67 EasyNote TJ68 EasyNote TJ71 EasyNote TJ72 EasyNote TJ73 EasyNote TJ74 EasyNote TJ75 EasyNote TJ76 EasyNote TJ77 EasyNote TJ78 EasyNote TK36 EasyNote TK37 EasyNote TK73 EasyNote TK81 EasyNote TK83 EasyNote TK85-GN-008GE EasyNote TK85-GU-735UK EasyNote TK87 EasyNote TM01 EasyNote TM05 EasyNote TM80 EasyNote TM81 EasyNote TM82 EasyNote TM83 EasyNote TM86 EasyNote TM87 EasyNote TM89 EasyNote TM93 EasyNote TM94 EasyNote TM97 EasyNote TM98 EasyNote TM99 EasyNote TN36 EasyNote TN36-U-440 EasyNote TN65 EasyNote TN65-T-440 EasyNote TS11 EasyNote TS11 Series EasyNote TS11HR EasyNote TS13 EasyNote TS13-HR-034UK EasyNote TS13-HR-035UK EasyNote TX86 EasyNote V7801 Etna GM IGO 4450 IGO 4451 M3 M5 M7 OneTwo M3700 P5WS0
3CGR18650A3-MSL 40016133 442677000001 442677000003 442677000010 442677000013 442682800002 6903120000 7001820000 7009510000 7018440000 7018840000 7047460100 916C6190F 934T2089F AK.006BT.076 AS07B51 AS07B61 AS09A31 AS09A41 AS09A56 AS10D31 AS10D61 AS10D75 AS10H31 AS10H3E AS10H51 AS10H75 BP-8089 BP-8089P BP-8089X BP-8389 BP-8X17R BP-LYN (6000) BP-LYN(4000) BT.00603.118 BT.00603.119 BT.00604.025 BT.00605.036 BT.00605.062 BT.00605.066 BT.00607.132 BT.00607.133 CGR-B/6Q8 EUP-P3-4-22 KT.00303.002 MIT-LYN01 UM08B32 UM08B72 UM08B73 UM08B74
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