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    4G LTE Mobile Hotspot Acclaim Admire Altius Apollo Ativ S ATIV Tab 3 B3310 B3410 B5310 Corby PRO B5722 B7300 B7300 Omnia Lite B7300C B7330 Omnia Pro B7610 Omnia Pro B7620 Giorgio Armani B7620 Omnia Giorgio Armani B7620U B7722 Beam I8520 Beat DISC Behold II Blade Blue Earth C3300 Libre C3350 Solid X Cover C3630 C5510 C6112 Captivate Captivate Glide Chat 222 Chat 322 Chat 335 Chat B3410W Code Conquer D600 Continuum i400 Craft QWERTY Diva Diamond E2100 E2330 E2370 E2600 EK-GC100ZWAATT EK-GC120BKAVZW Epic 4G Exec Exec QWERTY Fascinate 4G Flutter Focus Focus Flash I677 G310A G313H G357 G850F G7120 G8508 Galaxy 3 Galaxy 3 I5800 Galaxy 550 Galaxy 551 Galaxy 580 Galaxy A3 Galaxy A3 (2017) Galaxy A3 2017 Galaxy A5 Galaxy A5 (2017) Galaxy A5 2017 Galaxy A6 Galaxy A7 (2017) Galaxy A8 (2018) Galaxy A8 Plus (2018) Galaxy A10 Galaxy A20e Galaxy A21 Galaxy A40 Galaxy A41 Galaxy A50 Galaxy Ace Galaxy Ace 2 Galaxy Ace 3 Galaxy Ace 3 LTE Galaxy ACE 4 Galaxy Ace 4 3G Galaxy Ace 4 LTE Galaxy Ace A Galaxy Ace Dear Galaxy Ace Duos Galaxy Ace Duos S6802 Galaxy Ace II x Galaxy Ace NXT Galaxy Ace Plus Galaxy Ace S5830 Galaxy Ace Style Galaxy Alpha Galaxy Apollo Galaxy Apollo i5801 Galaxy Beam Galaxy Book Galaxy Book Pro NP930XDB-KH3UK Galaxy Centura Galaxy Core Galaxy Core Advance Galaxy Europa GT-I5500 Galaxy Europa I5500 Galaxy Exhibit 4G Galaxy Exhibit II 4G Galaxy Extreme Galaxy Fame Galaxy Fit Galaxy Fit S5670 Galaxy Garda Galaxy Gio Galaxy Gio S5660 Galaxy Grand Galaxy Grand 2 Galaxy GT-N7000 Galaxy Indulge QWERTY Galaxy J3 Galaxy J4 Galaxy J4 2017 Galaxy J5 Galaxy Leo Galaxy Light Galaxy Lite Galaxy M Pro Galaxy Mega 5.8 Galaxy Mega 6.3 Galaxy mini 2 Galaxy Mini S5570 Galaxy Naos Galaxy Nexus Galaxy Nexus (Sprint) Galaxy Nexus S Galaxy Nexus SC-04D Galaxy Note Galaxy Note 2 Galaxy Note 2 Duos Galaxy Note 3 Galaxy Note 3 N9005 Galaxy Note 4 Galaxy Note 5 Galaxy Note 7 Galaxy Note 8 Galaxy Note 8.0 Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Galaxy Note i717 Galaxy Note II Galaxy Note II LTE Galaxy Note II N7100 Galaxy Note III Galaxy Note LTE Galaxy Note Pro Galaxy Note SC-05D Galaxy Pocket Galaxy Pocket Plus Galaxy Portal Galaxy Precedent Galaxy Prevail Galaxy Pro Galaxy R Galaxy Round Galaxy S Galaxy S 4 Duos Galaxy S 4G Galaxy S Advance Galaxy S Aviator Galaxy S Captivate Galaxy S DUOS Galaxy S Duos 3 Galaxy S Fascinate 3G Galaxy S Fascinate 3G Plus Galaxy S I9000 Galaxy S i9100 Galaxy S II Galaxy S II 4G Galaxy S II HD LTE Galaxy S II Lite Galaxy S II LTE Galaxy S II SC-02C Galaxy S III Galaxy S III 4G Galaxy S III 1535 Galaxy S III 1747 Galaxy S III I535 Galaxy S III I747 Galaxy S III LTE Galaxy S III mini Galaxy S III Mini (AT&T) Galaxy S III Mini (Verizon) Galaxy S III T999 Galaxy S IV Galaxy S IV Duos Galaxy S Plus Galaxy S Plus I9001 Galaxy S SC-02B Galaxy S SCL Galaxy S Super Clear LCD Galaxy S Vibrant Galaxy S2 Galaxy S2 Lite Galaxy S3 Galaxy S3 LTE Galaxy S3 mini Galaxy S3 Mini (AT&T) Galaxy S3 Mini (Verizon) Galaxy S4 Galaxy S4 Active Galaxy S4 Duos Galaxy S4 LTE Galaxy S4 Mini Galaxy S4 Mini Duos Galaxy S4 Zoom Galaxy S5 Galaxy S5 Neo Galaxy S6 Galaxy S6 Edge Galaxy S7 Galaxy S7 Edge Galaxy S7 Edge Plus Galaxy S8 Galaxy S8 Plus Galaxy S9 Galaxy S9 Plus Galaxy S10 Galaxy S10 Plus Galaxy SII Galaxy SIII Galaxy SIII Mini Galaxy SIII Mini (AT&T) Galaxy SIII Mini (Verizon) Galaxy SL Galaxy Spica Galaxy Tab Galaxy Tab 2 Galaxy Tab 3 Galaxy Tab 3 Lite Galaxy Tab 4 Galaxy Tab 4 10.1" SM-T535 Galaxy Tab 8.4 Galaxy Tab 10.1 Galaxy Tab A 9.7 Galaxy Tab A 10.1 (SM-T580) Galaxy Tab A 10.1 (SM-T585N) Galaxy Tab A7 Galaxy Tab Active 2 Galaxy Tab Active 3 Galaxy Tab Active 8.0" Galaxy Tab E 9.6 Galaxy Tab GT-P5110 Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2 Galaxy Tab Pro S Galaxy Tab S2 Galaxy Tab S3 Galaxy Tab S5E Galaxy Teos Galaxy V Galaxy V Dual SIM Galaxy W Galaxy Xcover Galaxy Xcover 2 Galaxy Xcover Extreme Galaxy Y Galaxy Y Duos Galaxy Y Pro Galaxy Young Gem Touchscreen Genio Genio II Genio PRO Genio Qwerty Genio Slide Giorgio Armani Glamour S5150 Glamour S7070 Grand 2 Grand Neo Gravity Smart GT-B5510 GT-B7300 GT-B7330 GT-B7610 GT-B7620U GT-E2121 GT-i1900 GT-I5700 GT-I5700R GT-I5800 GT-I5800L GT-I5801 GT-I6500U GT-I7275 GT-I7500 GT-I7500L GT-I7500U GT-I7680 GT-I7680/C GT-I8000 GT-I8000L GT-I8160 GT-I8180C GT-I8190 GT-I8190N GT-I8700 GT-I9000 GT-I9000M GT-I9001 GT-I9003 GT-I9020A GT-I9020T GT-I9023 GT-I9050 GT-I9070 GT-i9070 Galaxy S Advance GT-i9070 Galaxy S II Lite GT-I9088 GT-I9100 GT-I9100M GT-I9103 GT-I9103C GT-I9150 GT-I9152 GT-I9190 GT-i9200 GT-I9210 GT-I9210T GT-I9220 GT-I9228 GT-i9250 GT-I9250M GT-I9295 GT-I9300 GT-I9305 GT-I9500 GT-I9502 GT-I9505 GT-N7000 GT-N7005 GT-N7100 GT-N7102 GT-N7105 GT-S5230 GT-S5300 GT-S5360 GT-S5360C GT-S5368 GT-S5380 GT-S5380D GT-S5600 Preston GT-S5660 GT-S5660C GT-S5660M GT-S5670 GT-S5830 GT-S5830D GT-S5830I GT-S5830T GT-S5838 GT-S6102 GT-S6500 GT-S6500D GT-S6802 GT-S6812c GT-S7250 GT-S7250D GT-S7270 GT-S7272 GT-S7275 GT-S7275R GT-S7500 GT-S7508 GT-S7560M GT-S7562 GT-S7898 GT-S8500 GT-S8500M GT-S8530 GT-S8530H H1 i527 I569 I579 I619 I779 I809 I889 i908E I917R I919 I939 i5500 Corby i5500 Galaxy 5 i5700 i5700 Galaxy Portal I5800 i6410 Android M1 I6500U I7500 I7500U I7680 i8000 Omnia II i8150 I8180C i8258 i8320 H1 Vodafone 360 I8520 I8520 Halo I8700 i8910 i8910 Omnia HD I9000 Galaxy S i9003 I9003 Galaxy SL I9010 Galaxy S Giorgio Armani I9050 I9088 I9100 I9100G i9103 i9190 I9192 I9195 I9198 I9200 i9205 I9220 I9228 I9600 Indulge Instinct HD Intercept QWERTY Jet S8000 Jet Ultra Edition Knox Lindy M5650 Lucido M930 M2310 M2510 M3310 M7500 Emporio Armani M7600 Beat DJ Mega 6.3 Mesmerize i500 Messenger Miss Player Moment Monte Bar C3200 Monte S5620 Naos Nexus S Nexus S 4G Nexus S scLCD Note 2 Note 3 Neo Omnia Omnia 7 Omnia HD Omnia i908 Omnia II Omnia II I8000 Omnia Lite Omnia Lite B7300 Omnia M Omnia Pro Omnia PRO 4 B7350 Omnia Pro B7320 Omnia Pro B7330 Omnia Pro B7350 Omnia Pro B7610 Omnia Pro i900 Omnia Pro i908 Omnia W Pixon 12 Replenish Repp S2 Plus S738C S3370 S5150 Diva Folder S5260 Star II S5301 S5368 S5530 S5560 S5600 S5611 S5660 S5670 S5690 S5750 S5830 S5838 S6102 S6500 S6500D S6700 S6802 S7070 Diva S7230 S7250D S7500 S7508 S8300 Ultra Touch S8300H S8500 S8530 S8600 Wave 3 SCH-D720 SCH-D730 SCH-I100 SCH-I225 SCH-I317M SCH-I400 SCH-I500 SCH-I509 SCH-I527M SCH-I535 SCH-I545 SCH-I569 SCH-I579 SCH-I579/C SCH-I619 SCH-I659 SCH-I717 SCH-I717M SCH-I717RWAATT SCH-I717ZBAATT SCH-I727R SCH-I747 SCH-I757M SCH-I779 SCH-I809 SCH-I889 SCH-I896 SCH-I897 SCH-I910 SCH-I917 SCH-I917R SCH-I917RWC SCH-I919 SCH-I939 SCH-i959 SCH-LC11 SCH-LC11R SCH-M828C SCH-R680 SCH-R720 SCH-R760 SCH-R880 SCH-R900 SCH-R910 SCH-R915 SCH-R930 SCH-R970 SGH-1896 SGH-1897 SGH-1917 SGH-1917R SGH-1917RWC SGH-1927 SGH-I317M SGH-i337 SGH-i537 SGH-i620 SGH-i640 SGH-i710 SGH-I717 SGH-I717M SGH-i718 SGH-I727R SGH-I896 SGH-I897 SGH-i900 SGH-i908 SGH-I917 SGH-I917R SGH-I917RWC SGH-I927 SGH-M919 SGH-N055 SGH-T399 SGH-T589 SGH-T759 SGH-T959 SGH-T959D SGH-T959V SGH-T999 SGH-Z540 Shark 3 S3550 Shark S5350 Showcase Galaxy S Showcase i500 SHV-E300L SHW-M250L SM-G310 SM-G310A SM-G310H SM-G310HN SM-G313 SM-G313H SM-G313HU SM-G313HZ SM-G357FZ SM-G730A SM-G730AMBAATT SM-G730V SM-G730VMBAVZW SM-T365 SoftBank 930SC Solid Immerse SPH-D700 SPH-D710 SPH-D710ZKASPR SPH-D710ZWASPR SPH-D720 SPH-L720 SPH-M580 SPH-M820 SPH-M910 SPH-M920 T959 Teos Tocco Icon Tocco Lite 2 Tocco Quick Tap Tocco Ultra Edition Tocco Ultra Touch Transfix Cricket Transform QWERTY Vibrant Vitality W689 Wave Wave 2 Pro S5330 Wave 2 S5250 Wave 3 Wave 525 Wave 533 Wave 575 Wave 723 Wave II Wave II S8530 Wave M Wave S5250 Wave S5330 Wave S5750 Wave S7320e Wave S8500 Wave Y Xcover 4 Xcover 4S
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